via laterale

Via laterale means side road. I guess this is what is needed now during the so-called pandemic. Find ways to deal with difficult circumstances in our societies.

Daniele Ganser, a Swiss historian and peace researcher and head of the Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research (SIPER), explained in a video why our societies currently are divided in three major groups. I will add the video at the end of this post because it is in German language.

Three major groups because there are three different fears:

  • fear of the virus
  • fear of poverty
  • fear of dictatorship

Those who predominantly fear the virus welcome the measures set by their governments, some even call for stricter measures.

Those who predominantly fear poverty regard the lockdowns as a threat. They might lose their jobs, face eviction, increased levels of debt, having to file for bankruptcy.

And the last group fears to be pushed to become an obedient citizen who should not even dare to protest or talk about their concerns.

I belong to this last group. I’m okay with being called a conspiracy theorist and whatever else someone might call me. Nonetheless, I wished there was a way to talk to each other instead of fighting each other. Governments love it if people fight each other. It saves them of being the target of criticism of a united people. “Divide and rule” has always been a successful method of the powerful.

We cannot talk each other out of our fears, this only works if the individual becomes sceptical. So, where can we meet? Where can we unite? Via laterale. Side roads.

Because one thing is true: There are always alternatives.

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