Our Future

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

Politicians administer their countries without any vision for the future. How to move if you don’t know the direction?

Let’s dream for a moment. Where should your country be in ten years? Dump the stupid question which always comes up if you want to do something for the public. We can for example stop participating in wars and leave the NATO, saves huge amounts of money. The 1% always find money if it serves their personal and donors interests.

There are things in life which are essential; air, water, food, clothing, a home.

A place called home

Foreign investors (landlords) are no longer allowed to buy property. The owners of industrial or commercial properties have to pay a monthly fee to the community. Landlords have to pay a monthly fee for all properties which exceed the rent of social housing. They can be exempt if they provide and maintain 35% of their property for social housing. The fees are used by the community to maintain publicly owned properties.

Universal Basic Income

A universal basic income has to cover rent (usual rent for social housing), healthy food, a realistic amount for the costs of water, electricity, heating.

Publicly Owned Services

I explain below a new kind of public ownership. The following services have to be in public ownership:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Security (police, fire brigades)
  • Community Transport, Railway
  • National Citizen’s bank
  • Water, Energy, Communication
  • National Information

Privately owned services are allowed only if the public is able and free to use publicly owned services. The ratio of public ownership shall at least be 55%, no private take-over anymore.

As far as possible these services shall be co-operatives for example community services. Other services have to be 100% transparent and to be monitored by citizen committees.


These are only ideas. I want a future where a minority no longer controls the majority. All parties in governments behave like mafia organisations: bullying, threatening, blackmailing, punishing, lying, cheating … they love secrecy … ever wondered why? They are destroying our countries.

Ideas for communities can be implemented regardless of our rotten governments and parties. It is legal to create and run co-operatives.

What about you?

The lockdowns are a chance to think about our wishes and needs and to find ways for a better life, a better future. Don’t censor yourself with stupid mantras of the 1%. Their mantras will always hold us back if we don’t ignore them. Talk with friends, family, neighbours. Find like-minded people.

Where do you want your country to be in 10 years?

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