Totally Fixed Where We Are

Yesterday I found this song in the forum of UK Column. It’s amazing how the Marsh Family tries to adapt to the challenges of lockdowns. They created a parody version of Jim Steinman’s 1983 “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. They are very talented. You can find all of their parodies here

The creativity of mankind is unlimited, especially in challenging situations.

At the same time I cannot avoid a dash of sadness. A majority still believes that our governments care about our wellbeing and health. They don’t! How much more evidence do people need? They never did before. It always had been the people who had to put pressure on their representatives to do what the people needed.

Which Democracy?

Even to believe that we live in a democracy is an illusion. If you still believe in this illusion ask yourself.

  • Why are large parts of the NHS (ambulances, hospitals) sold to private profiteers?
  • Why are schools and universities not properly funded?
  • Why isn’t research properly funded?
  • Why is there homelessness?
  • Why are there foodbanks?
  • Why is public transport in such a miserable condition?

At least we should not need to pay taxes if these taxes are used for anything but us. Wars? Do you want a war in Syria, Iran? Let them pay for wars not the people. Do you want to finance terrorists? Ah, you believe this does not happen? You better educate yourself.

Why do they tell us that we have to save the NHS? They damaged the NHS. Less and less funding causes the limited capacity of our hospitals during flu season every year.

Would you be against proper wages for care and medical staff? Paid from our taxes? The majority would agree to proper wages. They don’t ask us because they know what we want and need.

Wake up

We are where we are today because we allowed it. Most allow it because they believe in what the government says.

Humans not only have this special skill called creativity. Humans can reflect, ask themselves questions, question others. Critical thinking starts with “Is it true what you are telling me?” Critical thinking continues with “What you are saying is not true because your actions and decisions or facts contradict your words”.

Currently, we are losing many freedoms. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of choice f.e. if you don’t want to be vaccinated with mRNA vaccines. I am afraid of this technology which never before had been used on humans. I also don’t want the vaccine because there is no pandemic. Death rates are not higher than they were all the years before.

Which benefit does a vaccine have, if I’m still able to spread the virus, if I can still catch the virus and fall sick, if lockdowns, face masks and social distancing continue? There already is medicine available if you get infected. They don’t talk about it because they love how willingly you agree to whatever they want.

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