Great Awakening vs Great Reset

Klaus Schwab and his gang of fascists will try to install their crazy dystopian future, no doubt about it. Will their plans come true? They will have some success but in total they will fail. Think about it.

One World Government

There shall be one government for the whole world and space. Do you really believe Russia and any of the so-called enemies of the US will bow to Silicon Valley? You say “They will cooperate”. Even if they do for how long until first differences arise and no compromises can be made? For how long will not one of the parties secretly try to be a step ahead? Never forget: Klaus Schwab and his cronies are sociopaths. All control freaks are sociopaths.

The powers that be and their predecessors created so much distrust that they can’t simply hit a button and make everybody follow them tomorrow. “They will use terror” you say? A minority against the whole world? Sooner or later they will have to realize that they destroy themselves on the path of terror. Terrorists live in fear 24/7. They can’t trust anybody.

Aren’t they dangerous?

Yes, they are. The more they fear to lose control, the more dangerous they become. Resistance against sociopaths and sabotage has to be quiet as far as possible. Let them believe whatever they believe. Don’t fight them with weapons or words. Ignore them and disobey quietly. There is a saying in German “Steter Tropfen höhlt den Stein” means “Constant dropping wears the stone”. It takes more time, but I think it will cause less damage.

Which of their plans will succeed?

I might be wrong but I guess we will have to deal with the predicted cashless society. They hate the idea that they cannot track how we spend our money. Everyone shall only have one digital account, so they can block it if you don’t behave. We have to become creative to circumvent their systems. Did I forget that they even intend to strip us of any possession?

Even if we own nothing – another goal of Schwab – we can help each other, we can exchange services.

Surveillance will increase. Can it be total? I don’t think so. We will always find ways to communicate, a lot of old techniques are availabe.

Mandatory vaccinations will be coming soon. How else shall they implant microchips in our bodies apart from those who voluntarily accept RFIDs under their skin? Which programs might run on these chips? Which data do they collect. They will not tell us.

GMO food. Why else did Bill Gates become America’s biggest farmland owner?

These are the four areas of which I think they will make progress. More secretly they also will merge police and military as far as they can. Their argument will be, that military forces are no longer necessary.

Great Awakening

More and more people will no longer believe that governments are there to serve us. They always did what they wanted for themselves only the aftermath of WWII made some a bit more conscious and some a bit more idealistic. And the criminals in our administrations have been operating in secrecy all the time. It’s nothing new, it’s only that technology makes them feel like gods today. In a way it is ridiculous that they believe to be in total control of world and space in 2030. It’s nothing new, they only play their cards more openly.

We will be challenged to circumvent and reject their plans. With a lot of staying power we can cooperate against their plans. We have time to plan our future, to reflect about what went wrong and why, and begin to lay healthier foundations for our future.

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