Retreat from News

How do I explain the situation? The strange thing about news in my case is that I want to find good news, especially in regard to a pandemic which is no pandemic. I want this nightmare to be over. Also, I want the wars to be over. What happens instead is that there are around 95% bad news and 5% good news. I would not even know about many events, good or bad ideas or plans if there was no internet.

Don’t I need to be informed? Yes, but not like before. I will continue to watch UK Column and Stiftung Corona Ausschuss on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a local newspaper. There is also Daniele Ganser, a Swiss historian and peace researcher and The Corbett Report with focus on solutions since the beginning of this year.

Me, knowing about all the crap which goes on worldwide does not change anything. In my remaining lifetime not much will change. Governments will continue to lie and use their power for personal benefits. Corporate media will continue to spread propaganda. The problems you and I face in our daily lives will continue because there is too much which needs change. This will only happen or have a chance to happen after a collapse of the current systems in law, economy and political structures.

I turned my back to Facebook yesterday. Facebook and Twitter represent the existing structure of exploitation and abuse of power. They are toxic environments in which I don’t want to play a part any more.

To Do Instead

My landlord announced that he wants to switch the heating system from gas to heat pump if possible. Once it is installed I can use the backyard for whatever I like. I want to grow fruits and vegetables, not only to become more independent but also because I loved to take care of my father’s garden. IT’s relaxing and awarding.

It is also very likely that I will start volunteering at our local Citizens Advice Bureau in August this year. Because I needed their advice recently I can’t begin to volunteer immediately.

For my plans with the backyard I need to learn a lot. Unlike my father’s garden, I have to create it from scratch. I may even start to record the progress on video or pictures – the failures as well as the successes.

Currently I’m on this website If I find information I want to keep, I will use this blog.

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