Communication: Services on Offer Soon

Communication should be taught separately. We learn to communicate in our family and our social circles and at school. Almost nobody ever asked or asks: is what you are trying to say or write to somebody else constructive, is it helpful to both parties.

Even a “Good bye” can be written in a way that doesn’t leave the recipient completely devastated. I see many people shooting themselves in the foot because they don’t communicate clearly and often even don’t review how the recipient can interpret the content.

Highlight will be one-on-one video chats in which I also decode your body language. More on this topic as soon as the second step goes live. All services will be available in English and German.

  • First step of my project is to offer my service to written communication only.
  • Second step will be video (Zoom) for spoken communication.
  • Third step video courses (Zoom) about communication in general or on specific topics.

I will keep you updated once each step is ready to kick off.

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