Double Birthday

Two birthdays today: my usual and my spiritual birthday on 30th of March 2021.

Last year I spent some time to read about the Universal Shift, the rising awareness about the fact that everything is energy, that we are one with everything and that we are divine within ourselves. It is a worldwide movement. It’s not a religion, it’s not a church, there is no human hierarchy.

You can pick whoever you want as your spiritual guides, they know who you are and who you are meant to be. I see the resistance rising “I know who I am and who I want to be.” That’s okay. Then there are those who have this feeling “There is something more out there” and their curiosity leads many of them – like me – to the spiritual path, on a journey which opens so many alternatives to those who seek their meaning within this process.

Today I surrender to the Universe. The Universe will guide me to who I am meant to be.

Since childhood, I felt different. It does not mean better. There is no competition. I feel different means I know I have special abilities but since the majority still lives in the crumbling energy of logic, ratio, knowledge as it is been taught to serve human authorities, these abilities continued to exist on a subconscious level. I didn’t have a name for the few abilities I detected so far. In my adolescent years a few people called me an Old Soul because I had knowledge which was unusual for my age. Indeed, I preferred to go into deep conversations with people older than me. Sometimes much older. I’m a Starseed, a Lightworker, a Clairsentient and at the moment it feels like having special abilities in healing via communication and daydreaming.

Communication? Shouldn’t I write in German, my mother tongue? On the one hand yes. On the other? English is almost the universal language. You can help me to improve my English with not being too shy to ask if something isn’t clear to you because I could have expressed myself better. Tiny example. Just two days ago I said “To rent boxes to” I meant “To rent out boxes to …”. Don’t think that I think you behave like a know-all if you point out such bloopers. I appreciate your help. This is something highly needed. To set ourselves free about what other people might think.

The beginning

When I stopped writing here I cut off all my former activities. I did not listen to news any more and I still don’t. I cut out all negativity and in hindsight the name of my blog “via laterale” (sideways) is a perfect description of what the universe provides. We can’t change politics, we can’t change so many things but we can change ourselves. The more people move on to sideways the more old destructive powers lose power over us. The old world in which we grew up is fading away. And I’m sure many will agree: It can not go on like this.

I was surprised myself. I’m very analytical and have the ability to completely detach myself from emotions. As a Clairsentient I need this ability to not be overwhelmed by subtle emotions reaching me. I can switch the detachment on and off. At the same time I could not do anything with myself without emotions. They are as important as the ability to go into detachment.

Who are my guides?

Up to now I chose Spirit and Jesus. So far for me Jesus is the outstanding symbol of unconditional love. You can also say I wanted to learn to love unconditionally starting many years ago. I will write in another article about it. Spirit? I talk to Spirit and I even allow myself to argue with him in my mind. I know that he knows everything but these arguments help me to understand what the universe wants from me.

For today, my double birthday, this shall be enough.

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