Everything Is Energy

Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

Albert Einstein

When I first read about Everything is Energy it blew my mind. How can this be? Why shouldn’t it be so? People believed many things over centuries to find out that not everything is as they believed. More impressive is what Everything is Energy means. And how can I match the frequency of the reality I want? Will it collide with the frequency of the reality you and everybody else wants?

My understanding today is the following. The Universe is the all connecting and all uniting super energy. It contains everything, all knowledge and wisdom. It’s like a cook who with the oversight of everything plays with everything to lead us to a higher and better level of being. A work in progress. A never ending work in progress. The Universe is loving. The Universe always offers you another chance, if you failed. If not in this life, maybe in your next life. Energy never gets lost, so once one died in the material world, they still exist in a different form perhaps.

Time does not exist. There is a limitlessness which is almost unthinkable. Unthinkable as long as I am on lower frequency or energy levels? What will open up once I mastered the challenges the Universe dropped at me and rewards me with entering the next energy, a higher frequency level? Once this happens it feels like there is no falling back to lower frequency level because the higher level feels and is too good to ever step down again.

Yes, I watch tarot-readers on YouTube, most are too focussed on love and what the other might feel or think and what an outcome is going to happen. But I also learn from every tarot-reader about the cards, which meaning they have in relation to other cards in the spread. I understand, that these cards need intuition the most. Intuition is a communication channel of the universe. I want to use tarot for myself to receive the guidance of the universe more clearly.

Communication Channels of the Universe

How many channels are available? Which are meant for me and which ones will remain hidden because less useful for who and where I am meant to be.

I sometimes receive sentences or pictures out of nowhere during my shower, wrapping rubbish, and it always has meaning. Often like answers to my questions. Pictures have another quality, they ask me to find out what the picture wants to tell me about me.

My mind is playful, it is as if I saved it from childhood to the presence. I have to say “playful again” it goes into hiding if I allow negative thoughts to capture my mind. I like to talk to spirit in my mind, like a child talks to an enlightened and wise parent. I talked to my mother recently because we never understood each other. Different frequency levels?

Mind is where freedom can take place and feel comfortable. Mind is where daydreams roll out.

The senses? Somehow I guess they are indirect channels to feed intuition? Hm. Does it matter? Not really.

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