Why We Need to Communicate Better

We are at a point in time when most of us sense, feel, know that the world as we knew it is crumbling and that we helplessly watch old structures falling apart. Who really still believes that voting, petitions, demonstrations change anything, at least so far that our fundamental needs are heard and not ignored?

If we don’t become the drivers of our own life we go into a spiral of frustration and resignation. The good news is, we are not helpless. We can start today to improve our lives, ourselves and our relations. I hear some saying “This does not prevent wars, unemployment, homelessness” … That’s true. Not now. Not soon. So what can you do in the meantime? More than you ever thought

At this point let me invite you to shift the focus away from all these discouraging news to you, your family, your friends, your neighbours, your community. Because here you can become active and create the reality you want to live in. Not from today to tomorrow but there is a saying in Germany which I will look up in English too “Steter Tropfen höhlt den Stein.” meaning: the seemingly soft and flowing water is stronger than stone … over time. The saying in English is the same “Constant dripping wears the stone.”. And this is not the only aspect. Many constant drippings will lead to transformation of our conditions on earth over time. It depends on every one of us.

I don’t promise too much if I say, we will change the world. The sooner we begin and the more of us join in, it will not happen if we continue to believe that a different leader or government will do it for us. Why should they?

Every single one of us can start here and now. You are free to pick what you want to improve. Steps towards autonomy, steps to become your own leader.

Are you sick and tired for example about the fact that talking about conflicts with others only seems to make the situation worse? There is nothing wrong about you or the other participants, you are not a failure. In fact you only did not know better up to today.

Unlearning and Relearning

Our education at school has one main goal: to prepare us to fit in the old structure. A slow process of selection, permanent competition, permanent fight to win over each other on the job market up to the choice of our partners. It is nothing but toxic. We can do better and less stressful.

There is nothing wrong about competition as long as the participants have the freedom to decide if they want to join. You might want to become the fastest runner, then go for it. But if somebody demands that you have to become the fastest runner while you dream about writing beautiful poems, what does this do to you?

You will not learn at school to become the authentic you that you are meant to be. Better not enable you to think critically and independently. Better not let you say what you really think or believe or want. Learn what we tell you to learn. In a subtle way you learned from early years, that everybody knows everything better than you. How many people think of themselves that they are worthless, that they are too stupid and so on and so on.

We cannot change schools as they are today. Here we are again. We can change ourselves in whatever we want to change.

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