Competency in Communication

How we talk to ourselves and others reveals where we got stuck in worthless old beliefs. Offering communication services will include explanation why something can be said better or should not be said at all. When I read comments on political topics it is like entering a war zone. People involved in these war zones don’t improve anything. Attack and defence running in circles. These patterns not only exist in such discussions, they reflect how the individual involved is in a defence or attack mode in his life. I understand where they are coming from: from suffering. Each suffering is different.

And then I watched demonstrations, a very big one last year in Berlin or London. The spark to create a better world there. People of all colours, ages, financial backgrounds standing together peacefully, singing, strangers talking to each other, laughing. Standing for themselves, united.

How many of these people fall back into old behaviour when they are alone or feel alone? What will happen if they become aware of the fact that they are not alone in general, that they can stop fighting and start uniting, being positive energy every day from now on. One encouraging sentence goes far.


There was always something that I thought about myself: “I’m a good leader.” I loved to encourage my employees out of a selfish motivation. I can fall ill, I want to travel, the business must run even if I’m away for whatever reason. This went far, so far, that I also trusted them fully (knowing that I would find out betrayal of my trust and that they would be dismissed quicker than they became my employees). The money had to be brought to the bank, material had to be ordered, bills to be paid. To make it short: it was a success, wherever I worked and had responsibility for people.

It even happened that I have been mobbed from people who had to accept that I became their manager. Not only was I younger than them, I just entered the company. Two years later they showed the greatness to apologize and thank me for the help they received, regardless of their behaviour.

In general I love to encourage people to grow above themselves, to become the best embodiment of themselves.

I had often been elected representative for classmates at school and for colleagues at work to speak up for individuals or in common interest.

All of this speaks of having your best interest at heart if you like to improve your communication skills.

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