Background Preparations

The idea to offer communication services started to move in a more special direction. Additionally, I took more organizational, structural, legal and technical aspects into account. I share this work in progress here. It might be useful for anybody who has an idea and then faces many more fundamental questions. I will not describe alternatives, so keep in mind that my way can only give you an idea about other aspects to take into consideration.

Registering a Ltd. Company

My son wants to become a shareholder. Because the number of shareholders is unlimited, liability is spread among multiple owners rather than just one. A shareholder loses only as much as he invested if the company becomes insolvent. Greater tax advantages and company’s finances are separate from the owners’ and are taxed separately.

The company exists into perpetuity even if an owner sells or transfers his shares, securing jobs, and resources for the community. Because a private limited company produces goods at a lower cost and increases profits, financial institutions loan the company more money for operations and expansions and the company’s annual revenue increases.

Registering a Website

Needing a different, more flexible content management system (CMS). WordPress can be extended with plugins. In the long run this also means a higher administrative effort and problems if plugins will no longer be updated.

Registering an Office Address

This is just a preference. I want to keep private matters separate from company matters. I will have to pay a fee for this service. An address in London gives a better first impression than my private address in a village from where I start to run my service.

Technical Equipment

For video I will start with an Apple iPhone 12 Pro, a clip-on microphone for consistent sound, better lighting (direct and diffuse), Video background (Biteable?). Video editing software. Checking if there is an alternative to Adobe Premiere Premiere Rush..

I need to learn video-editing and create channels on YouTube and Vimeo. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram once the website is running.

Work in progress

While my son takes care of all the registrations, I will learn how to use Adobe Premiere Premiere Rush.

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