Transformation at Night?

It feels like being transformed at night.

It is the second night now: when I wake up I don’t want to fully wake up, but I also don’t want to fall asleep again because this feeling of being washed by the waves of the ocean is so beautiful.

My body is slightly vibrating while it is in the rhythm of a wave. The mighty pull of the water flowing back on the bottom, while above a new wave is forming, my body scratching the surface of the ground and pushed up just in time for the next wave throwing my body onto the shore again, starting a new cycle. The wave and I are one, nothing to resist, nothing to be afraid of while being one. I’m not even sure if I’m between sleep and waking up or if I dream this and only in the morning don’t want to wake up too quickly.

Spirit? Can I have this every morning, please? I suspect, whenever he turns away, he does it to hide his smiling. Often Spirit is the Dad of my inner child … if you wonder about our relation.

Enjoying the full power of these waves. I was so surprised about the difference of waves of the North Sea compared to those of the Atlantic Ocean in Florida when I visited Melbourne. In the North Sea at a certain point you can put your feet down and walk back to the shore. I tried so in Florida, oh wow, I couldn’t, I had to go with the next wave to be thrown to the shore and quickly put my feet down before the pulling back took over. When I first tried to get out of the ocean a moment fear, what if I’m too weak? It also impressed me a lot.

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