Purpose of Life in My Birth Chart

How Do I Define Purpose

  • Feeling inspired and fulfilled
  • What I do has meaning, not just for me but for other people
  • Excitement about what I’m doing
  • It becomes a part of me
  • It is in alignment with my gifts
  • To be in flow. Challenges feel like being excited to figure them out.
  • Feeling energized, constantly receiving information
  • Purpose is my compass

MC (10th House) in Pisces

This house is of particular importance, since it affects not only our choice of profession and our sense of calling – it also has a bearing on our general development, what we become. This continues throughout our lives.

Careers that utilize gut intuition are popular among those with a Midheaven in Pisces. Sometimes it may seem like Pisces Midheaven individuals are out of touch with reality, but it’s usual the total opposite. These people are typically more focused on using their passions for the greater good than on making tons of money, and that’s a good thing. Gifted with creativity and compassion, they are likely to face an abundance of excellent opportunities.

Best careers for Pisces Midheaven: People with Midheaven in Pisces are likely to find fulfilment and joy if they pursue a career in music, theatre, film, literature, or the healing arts.

Ascendant Trine MC

When these two points are in aspect, it indicates a special relationship between your public persona (Ascendant), your private persona (IC), your relationship persona (Descendant), and, lastly, your professional persona (MC). They’re all congruent with one another, and you transition between these parts of yourself with ease. You don’t feel the need to put on different masks for different people;instead, you feel like you can be open about all sides of yourself.

You feel a general comfort and ease in yourself, so, in turn, you choose professions that integrate well with you on an everyday level. Similarly, you choose partnerships that integrate seamlessly into your family life.

Sun in Aries in the 10th House

You were born with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Leo, with the result that the natural enthusiasm and passion of Aries are compounded by the fiery force of Leo. You are capable of strong feelings and emotions.

With your frankness and blunt honesty you are often cutting and somewhat less than diplomatic. Your courage, coupled with burning enthusiasm, brings you into positions of leadership.

Given the reins of command, you prove yourself a fine leader. It is almost inevitable that at some point in your life you will be raised to a position of authority. You have a strong sense of loyalty.

The key to the harmonious development of your being lies in expanding your intellectual powers and sharpening the insights into your own nature.

You are a person who wants to make great achievements in the world and to be in control of your own destiny. You find it difficult to follow someone else’s orders unless you really respect that person. If you apply yourself to your work, you will accomplish a great deal.

You want to know what the world is about, what is important in the public eye and what is generally considered significant. Among people of your own age, you will try to be a leader, and your peers will look up to you.

Mercury in Aries in the 10th House

Your mindset is headstrong and unwavering. It’s difficult to convince you away from a position you feel enthusiasm for. Generally, you communicate with direct fearlessness and genuine enthusiasm. You don’t shy away from confrontation; in fact, you sometimes spark confrontation. These sometimes provide a quick boost to your confidence as it reinforces the idea that you back yourself. Debates can be fiery, but you are quick to mellow just as quick as you are to anger. In learning, your style is to find the quickest path to mastery.

Learning and education will be very important to you when you select a career later in life. Even now, you think a great deal about careers, and you may be making plans about what you want to do. With Mercury in this house, your life work will certainly involve using your mind, so you will have to get as much training as possible.

Any profession that requires you to learn elaborate techniques that demand much skill will interest you. It may even be something that you do with your hands, as long as it is complicated enough. You may also be attracted to a career in travelling, communications or transportation or to a job that involves much public speaking. You are quite good at expressing opinions that you share with others.

Saturn Square MC

You work in a methodical manner; you plan and you execute — it’s, rather, a simple formula. Efficiency is the name of the game in your world. It’s a binary process for you: what gets me closer to my goal versus what doesn’t. You’ve a frank take on your abilities. You don’t delude yourself into believing that you know something, when you’re actually clueless about it. Your pragmatism won’t allow you. You do whatever it takes to get up to speed. In your eyes doing anything else is simply a waste of time. Potential careers: Doctor, Mechanic, Business Manager, Politician

North Node

The lunar nodes are extremely important in astrology and in the birth chart. There are two lunar nodes: the north node and the south node. They do not exist in reality: they are mathematical points, not celestial bodies. The north node and the south node are where the Moon’s orbit intersects the ecliptic. The north node and the south node are also called Rahu and Ketu, or the Dragon’s Head and Tail.

Even though they aren’t celestial objects, the lunar nodes are worth paying attention to in the natal chart. Actually, they are among the most important things in astrology! They reveal your soul’s mission in this lifetime, what it wants to learn and experience in order to grow.

The north node represents something new to you. This is the direction where you want to go in the future. The life areas of its house were underdeveloped in the past, and now it is time to master them. The sign of the north node is somewhat generational, but just as important. The north node’s sign describes which qualities you have to develop in order to grow.

The south node shows your past (both as in your previous life if you believe in reincarnation and your personal past in this lifetime). The south node is where you are coming from, but there is no room for growth here anymore. You are very good at the things represented by the south node, and there is a strong pull to fall back on it.

The north node and the south node are among the most important features of the birth chart in karmic astrology. They are associated with your previous lives and with the mission of your soul in this lifetime.

North Node in Scorpio in the 5th House

People with a Scorpio north node often find it very hard to trust others and to ask for help. They want to be self-reliant all the time. In the past, material possessions made them feel safe and secure, and they took pride in providing for themselves and their loved ones. In this lifetime, they need to realize that they are more resourceful than they believe and even if they have to start from scratch, they can bounce back. With the help of others, they can achieve their goals more easily, no matter what happens to them.

With a Scorpio North node, you want comfort and stability but you have to accept that the change is the only constant and that the transformation process never stops.

The north node in Scorpio automatically means that your south node is in Taurus. A Scorpio north node is somewhat similar to having the north node in the eighth house.

The north node in the fifth house suggests that you have to learn to be yourself. Self-expression is key with this placement. In the past, you preferred to be part of a group instead to as expressing yourself as an individual. But now, it is time to shine and learn to be who you really are.

You also want to embrace your creative side! Any form of creative self-expression is very beneficial with the north node in fifth house. Whether you enjoy painting, acting, arts and crafts, literature, dance, cooking, creative self-expression is one of the best things you can do.

Moon Square North Node

With this placement, the North node represents a core part of your soul’s journey to learn to develop a routine of self-care, empathy, and honest disclosure of its feelings and insecurities. Learning to accept people’s eccentricities and fluctuating moods are an important milestone for you. You’ve a tendency to want to rise above emotions and only make decisions based on practical and pragmatic measures; this feeds your tendency to be goal oriented, at all costs, as if the ends justify the means, and, yet, there is a wealth of wisdom in your intuition that shouldn’t be ignored. This placement helps you find a stable internal base, from which it is far easier to launch into the successes you dream about. If you can stop suppressing your feelings, you’ll find a calm inner-sanctum from which to accomplish your dreams.

Pluto Sextile North Node

With this placement, the North node represents a core part of your soul’s journey to discover emotional resiliency and discover the wealth of intangible things such as experiences and personal relationships. There is a tendency with this placement to simply see wealth in a material sense, as you’re particularly attached to modern comforts and conveniences. You feel comforted by possessions and the ownership of things, yet, sometimes, those same things act as a mental crutch and prevent you from finding real inner-stability and grounding; ironically, emotional resilience and fearlessness can be found when we lose all comforts. The experiences, people, and professions that seek to find emotional grounding set your soul soaring in an incredible way. These can include exploring therapeutic techniques and relating to people on a deeper level.

Neptune Conjunction North Node

With this placement, the North node represents a core part of your soul’s journey to be compassionate and non-judgemental. It also represents you acknowledging your connection to the universe.

This placement has a tendency to exaggerate the importance of details and get lost in over-analysis. There is a strong desire to be Mr or Miss Perfect. This attitude is adopted because you want to feel in control.

However, your soul soars when you surrender to the perfect unfolding of the moment, trusting everything is working out, even when it’s hard to see things from a big-picture perspective. By learning how to ‘go with the flow’, you end up feeling in perfect alignment, in a way you could not have wrestled into place. The path becomes more clear when you free the mind through meditation and focus on the big picture.

Jupiter Conjunction North Node

With this placement, the North node represents a core part of your soul’s journey to learn to act spontaneously, trust its instincts, and develop a strong feeling for adventure, without needing to be in control. There is a tendency with this placement to overthink things, needing to be able to rationally explain something from all angles. There is a tendency to invalidate your instinctual understanding with logic.

However, you feel free when you give yourself permission to act on your truth, without needing to understand every single minute detail. Similarly, there is also a tendency to need to have a reason for every decision, a justification for every turn, and, yet, you will experience freedom from taking risks, acting spontaneously, and being able to stand by your instincts, regardless of the consequences, without needing to defend your decision.

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