Where Is My Foot?

I have to smile here because this question sounds funny. Everybody can see my right foot. I can see my foot. It is where it has always been: at the bottom of my leg. The difference? I don’t feel my feet, especially not in which direction my feet point. As long as I was still able to walk with a walking frame I had to watch my right foot with every step not only for direction but also for standing on the foot sole and not on the outside of my foot, bent inward.

Meanwhile I can’t move my lower limbs at all. Paralysed. My mobility declined slowly since April 2021. Scary? Yes. But since yesterday my condition has a name. It is called Functional Neurological Disorder (FND).

Since FND shows a broad spectrum of possible symptoms I will describe my symptoms and what contributed to this disorder since 2020. Please don’t hesitate to ask or share your experience even if your symptoms are of a structural and not functional nature,

What is the difference between structure and function?

Until yesterday I believed that two disc bulges in the lumber area caused all of my symptoms. Structure here means the physical nervous system, damage of nerves. Function means that biological, psychological and social factors may contribute towards a person’s vulnerability to developing a Functional Neurological Disorder.

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