For the Record

In preparation for further testing at a neurology hospital I will put my history and my symptoms in one blog post. Stress can play a role in neurological function so let me begin in November 2020.



On the 5th of November 2020, almost a year ago, I collapsed at home without losing conciousness. I simply fell on the floor while suffering from a severe headache. I also had fever. It felt like a strange form of a cold. Since I worked in healthcare I knew that I did not suffer from COVID 19. Usually I would have gone to A&E but everybody without life-threatening symptoms was asked not to visit hospitals.

After a week of feeling very sick with no improvements I decided to ignore government rulings and went to the hospital. I almost cried from relief when I passed the entry testing “Now I will get help”. Everything was fine except extreme high level of stress in my blood. They took blood samples every three to four hours which showed that my stress decreased since my arrival. Of course: I felt safe and confident to receive the help I needed. I was fit to leave the hospital the next day but should take four weeks off sick to recover.

Face masks the reason of physical stress

I simply don’t get enough oxygen when I have to work with 3 Ply Face Masks – FFP2. Constant sweating and moments of hyperventilation and feeling my heart pound I had to accept if I did not want to lose my job. Low oxygen causes anxiety, means stress. My body said “Enough” when I collapsed in November of last year,

After the recovery period I tried to continue working more slowly and with more breaks. Same symptoms and my hands began to shake after two hours. After two more hours I went home with my whole body shaking. I laid down and fell asleep on the spot. I went off sick. My employer and I hoped for an end of all these regulations,

I did not enjoy to go out and preferred to stay at home to avoid wearing face masks.

Wrist fracture

As I now understand, my wrist fracture marks the beginning of functional neurology symptoms from the beginning of April 2021 onwards.


Short after I fractured my wrist I felt that my gait was slightly wobbly, as if I had just drunken a bit too much. I was still able to atten my surgery around 10 days later without walking aids.

Between surgery and the removal of my cast more symptoms appeared:

  • Tingling sensation under my feet (foot soles)
  • Knees unpredictably flipping forward.

These knee flips had been responsible for five more falls. I became afraid of walking, especially going downstairs from my flat on first floor. I ordered two walking sticks to be able to go to hospital at the end of April to remove my cast and get help with my walking problems. They could not find anything and so I was planned for a MRI Scan of my spine on the 18th of June.

  • Tingling sensation expanded up to the knees

I organised a carer coming to my home because I could not use the bath tub, not even wash my hair. Rubbish piled up from food I ordered.

  • The last fall at home on 11th of June created more damage (sprained ankle)

Because I was turning to the toilet when another knee flip happened out of the blue I fell to the right side and sprained my ankle. The whole foot later was bruised in blue and red but I felt no pain. For this reason I did not spend attention to it when an ambulance had to come to help me up from the floor. Once on my feet I could not do a single step and so they transferred me to the hospital.

  • The MRI Scan revealed two disc bulges

The doctor said that I will recover with physiotherapy. I was able to walk with a walking frame. Two weeks later I had been transfered to a residential care home because I could not return back home. I was on a waiting list for physiotherapy.

  • Incontinence

From being incontinent only when I could not walk to the toilet quickly enough, I now leak into my pads uncontrollably.

  • Right foot drop
  • Increasing immobility
  • Pain and spasms

From being able to walk with walking aid and doing exercises while lying or sitting I arrived at being no longer in control of any movements from my hip downwards. Muscle is still there because spasms make my legs or feet move as they want to. Also sensation like touch or water from the shower can trigger movement. Spasms in the back are painful. Spasms in my legs or feet aren’t painful but trigger movements which I sometimes don’t even feel.

  • Numbness

The tingling is so dominant that I cannot feel much else. As long as I could walk I rejected wearing shoes because they prevented from feeling if my feet touched ground or not.

  • Sleepless and tired

I can fall in deep sleep in a second at any time. But I don’t sleep much. I’m happy if occasionally I sleep for three or four hours.

  • Phantom feelings

I can feel all the movements my legs are usually able to perform while they don’t do any of the movements I feel. One day I had the constant feeling that my right lower leg is hanging out of bed. It didn’t.

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