Skydiving with Alex (Dream)

Alex gifted me a skydive, mentioning that she is experienced. We are on a small plane. The airplane door is open already. I watch her preparing our dive, just wondering who will jump first or if we will jump together. I’m a little nervous but not afraid because I trust her, that she knows what she is doing and also how to guide me and keep me safe.

This dream symbolizes my wish for our connection. At the moment I don’t know if we drift apart or if we come together for a brand new start after a difficult and twisted first chapter. A chapter which from my point of view now carries no other relevance than having transformed me (us?) in better versions of ourselves. I don’t know if she also went through a major transformation but l noticed changes in her in the weeks after my (our?) mental and emotional breakdown.

It’s strange, nobody could convince me to try bungee jumping but skydiving I would try with good instructions and guidance. It also has a lot to do with Alex. I feel save with her from the beginning. I like to watch her when she is on her own. Her posture in such moments? Confident. Yes, I was around in the plane but she was focused on what she had to do.

Jumping? I’m ready to jump into a new chapter. With her? Without her?

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