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Wrist Fracture No 2

Last Monday afternoon I stumbled and fractured my left wrist. The x-rays taken showed that my fracture is called smith fracture. It is a fracture of the distal radius. The radius is the larger of the two bones in the arm. The end of the radius bone toward the hand is called the distal end. … Continue reading Wrist Fracture No 2

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Background Preparations

The idea to offer communication services started to move in a more special direction. Additionally, I took more organizational, structural, legal and technical aspects into account. I share this work in progress here. It might be useful for anybody who has an idea and then faces many more fundamental questions. I will not describe alternatives, … Continue reading Background Preparations

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Everybody Matters

My full awakening began not so long ago with a simple sentence “I matter to the Universe”. Since then, I want to leave my whole past behind, and I don’t only want this, I know that I will leave the past behind forever. As I wrote yesterday: once you step to a higher energy level, … Continue reading Everybody Matters